2013 Google Scholar Metrics released

2013 Google Scholar Metrics released

Great information passed on by a colleague today. I thought it worthy of sharing!

“Faculty are often asking us about what journals to publish in or how to evaluate the relative merit of different journals.  One option is to use the JCR/Journal Citation Reports and look at the impact factors for journals.”

“For the last couple of years, Google has gotten into the metrics arena, introducing both the “my citations” option for individuals in Google Scholar and the Scholar metrics program for journal titles.  They have recently released the 2013 data, which covers 2008 and 2012.  Note that Google uses the H-index, a widely used and publicly available bibliometric statistic that measures impact for both journal titles and individual authors… All of Google’s metrics are computed from their Google Scholar database.”
“What you will never seen in Google Scholar’s Scholar Metrics is the impact factor.  This is a proprietary measure that belongs to ISI/Thompson-Reuters; to find impact factors, you have to use their databases…”