Searching 101 (YouTube)

Searching 101 (YouTube)

“This is a brief, cartoony overview of searching for information in an academic setting. Includes use of quotation marks, “and” and choosing terms. There is also a bit about locating a text.”


Twitter rolls out threaded conversations (Video)

Twitter rolls out threaded conversations (Video)

“Twitter announced on Wednesday a series of new updates for the iPhone and Android apps and”

“Tweets belonging to the same conversation are now connected with a vertical line and shown in chronological order. Users will see a maximum of three Tweets in sequence in their home stream and will just have to tap a message to access the replies from all participants – even the ones they do not follow.”

Burning Glass Report: The Art of Employment

Burning Glass Report: The Art of Employment

New research shows combining technical skills with a liberal arts education can nearly double the jobs available to liberal arts graduates and offer an average salary premium of $6,000.”

“‘Despite the high unemployment rate for liberal arts graduates, we are seeing that the skills they possess are in-demand when coupled with specific technical skills,’ said Matthew Sigelman, CEO at Burning Glass. ‘Employers report a strong need for recent graduates who possess skills such as writing, adaptability, and problem solving. When combining these skills with workforce-specific competencies, a liberal arts education becomes highly valuable.'”

See also USA Today’s How to turn a liberal arts degree into a paycheck